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Music Artist Meghan Cary

 November 20, 2017|

IndieLove Magazine- Sarah Gai

I’m a fussy lover of music. NO, I really am. The amount of artists we have blaring in the office everyday. Then….I hear it. That song that hits me in the stomach, and I just know I have to write about the singer or songwriter that caught and captured my attention! To scream it from the rooftops that this person or band is truly worth listening to. Well, that’s exactly what i’m going to scream right now!!!

Meet Meghan Cary, a successful musician for more than twenty years, with numerous awards behind her, has just released her latest album this year. Sing Louder is  a diverse album, and I think that there is at least one song on there that will resonate with your soul. For me, it had to be Responsibility. Wow, talk about a song that hits a nerve and gets you truly thinking about your actions. Things we often turn a blind eye to, Meghan craftily brings to the forefront of your mind and makes you question your future actions. Who does that!!!

Along with my favourite song of choice are many others, such as Wind and Hello it’s me. It’s not only Meghan’s voice that lulls and haunts you with her melodic vocals. It’s the diversity with the songs, going from folksy, to country, to a little soft rock. But be prepared, these songs are deep and you will want to focus on every word that leaves her mouth.

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