Another Thing I’ve Learned on this Adventure

White Space. It’s an idea I hadn’t considered until the other day when Peter told me about Warren Buffett’s calendar. Apparently, his little black appointment book (as noted by Bill Gates in a meeting a few decades back) is full of empty. Buffett credits his creativity and out of the box thinking to that emptiness, that white space.

Well, wow. My calendar has always been anything but white. It’s a beautiful rainbow of colors from kid stuff in violet, to music stuff in green, through grown-up fun in yellow, all the way to healing and exercise in red. But very little white space. Packed…pretty…and pretty overwhelming. But I put my nose to the stone and grind through each technicolor day, finding joy in all the bits, but also managing a subtle anxiety that maybe I’m missing something. And when something falls out – 3rd grade family fun day cancelled for snow, online seminar rescheduled due to illness – I’m ecstatic. The gift of unscheduled, unowned, uncategorized time, time to just “be”…that’s it. That’s the thing I didn’t even know I was missing until I got it.

So, as I’ve begun to rebuild my schedule, restructure my daily routine, and revisit what are the essentials in my life after my surgery-imposed step away from the game, I’ve decided to include more of that blissful white space in my day. I don’t always succeed. But when I do…wow. It’s amazing what can come of an hour of nothing. Nothing can lead to so much more than moment after moment of something: songs, stories, organized drawers, silly games with my soon-to-be-too-cool-for-such-silliness 12 year old, masterpieces of magnetic engineering with my never-before-into-it 9 year old. Given a moment to breathe, life presents truly magical moments. Moments that I could have never imagined, let alone scheduled into my day.

So…white space. Something to contemplate. But I will resist the urge to put that on my schedule.

P.S. We got a puppy. Not sure how that fits into my white space plan. I’ll keep posted!

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