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Making the New Record – Day One


Just as the guys arrived this morning to start laying the wet bed for the floor in our soon to be re-built masterbath, I walked out the door with newly re-strung guitar in hand to head to the studio to start the new record. It’s been a month of mornings like this. With the new CD, the new website, and the new room in our house, it’s been all about…new. Day after day making new choices, directing new players. So it felt so good to arrive at Morningstar Studios to be greeted by Jocko, Quint and Peter…the original Analog Gypsies. Tried and true. The guys who breathed life back into my music when I thought maybe I was done with it, ready to put it away to focus on being a mom…before I realized that music is an essential part of how I mother. #thishousemakesnoise.

Glenn got us all patched in and set up and we started with another tried and true, “Responsibility”. We laid basic tracks for “Responsibility”, “Wind”,  and the two newest songs, “Drive”, and “River Rock” before Jocko had to head out for his regular Saturday evening gig (the price to be paid for playing with sought-after musicians). We wrapped the night with me re-playing all of my guitar tracks for the songs we’d started (because, when we laid the base, drums, and guitar tracks, all my parts were “scratch” tracks – unusable because there was no separation between my guitar and vocals.)

By the end of the night my fingertips were screaming from hours of pressing those new strings to that old wood. My back was sore, my belly was empty, and my spirits were high. We are building this house…this new house…from new stories,  new melodies and new grooves laid on a strong foundation of tried and true.



The Spin Zone with Jersey Jim

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WFUV 90.7 FM (NYC, NY)
The Sunday Supper with John Platt

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missed the show? listen to the archives at



Mostly Folk
w/Artie Martello

Hootenanny Cafe with Jon Stein:



thank you to all of the DJs and stations who’ve spun tracks from SING LOUDER so far this month including: Art Menius from “The Revolution Starts Here” on WCOM-FM; Artie Martello King Hammer from “Mostly Folk,” “Catskills Café” on WIOX and “Power Folk” on Blues and Roots Radio; Bill Hahn from “TABLETALK”; Bill Revill from “Acoustic Blender” on WESU Middletown; Carolyn VandeWiele on WFHB Firehouse Follies; Chrisiana Joseph from “Simpatico” on WSPN; David Sears on WBGN; Gerry Goodfriend from “Folk Directions” on CKUT 90.3FM; James Rodgers from “Modern Troubadours” on WIUP-FM; Jim Marino from “Freewheeling”; James Sereda on WUSB; Joe Pszonek from “Radio Nowhere” on Blues and Roots Radio; John Platt from “Sunday Supper” on WFUV; John Sillberg from “small time radio show” on CKOL Radio; John Weingart on WPRB 103.3 FM; John Jon Stein from the “Hootenanny Café” on WTBQ Radio; Ken Nagelberg from “It’s For Folks” on Baton Rouge Community Radio WHYR 96.9 FM; Mara Noelle from “Click Your Heels Together” on KMVR; Menachem Vinegrad from “World Waves” on Upper Galilee FM; Michael Kane from “Off The Beaten Path” on WBRS; Mitch Park from “Folk On Sunday”; Ray Baulmer from “A Variety of Folk” on WRUR; RichWare from “The Midnight Special” on WFMT; Ron Cooke from “Music They Don’t Want You To Hear” on KTAL-FM; Ron Olesko from WFDU-FM's Traditions; Steve Brockway from “The Folk Show” on KRFC; Susan Hansen; Taylor Caffery from “Hootenanny Power” on 88.5 WRKC; Tom Funk from “Green Chile Revival” from KGLP 91.7 fm Radio”.

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