I love it.

In pretty much any shape, size or consistency as long as it’s dark. The darker the better. I’d eat the raw cacao bean if I could. Why is this challenging in my life? Because as much as I love it, and as much as the experts say dark chocolate is actually good for you, I know I can’t eat it day in and day out and at the exclusion of anything else. Oh but I’d love to.

And so it is with music. I love making it. I love writing it, performing it, recording it. I even like practicing it…some…not a whole lot…but I digress. And the challenge there is the balance thing again. Because the dishes still need to be done, the kids need to be fed, the dog needs to be walked, and there’s even the stuff that sounds like music, but really is just plain business: booking, promoting, arranging kid care and puppy care while on the road. It all has to get done. And what I’ve been finding (and sorry for taking the winding way to get to this…waxing philosophical and perhaps managing a bit of a chocolate craving at the moment) is that unlike chocolate, which I indulge in regularly and perhaps more than I should, I tend to deny myself music making in lieu of all the other stuff.

Sing Louder

Why is that? I mean, I know it all needs to get done. But the reality is: it will. And it will take whatever amount of time I allow it. So if I start with the music making, sit down to write the song or record the idea before checking my email, or scheduling those promo posts, or writing that press release, or even before I do the breakfast dishes, well, then I’m guaranteed some music making in my day. And the other stuff will still get done – in whatever time is left after the music making – instead of the other way around.

Maybe that’s my summer goal: indulge in what brings joy. Savor it. Go back for maybe a little more than I think I should be allowed. Bring on the fudgesicles and s’mores…summer is upon us!

Hope  to see you somewhere along the sunny summer road!


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