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I love stepping on stage, connecting with my audience, and taking them for the ride. It never gets old, and it never ceases to lift me up. I think every artist can and should have the opportunity to experience that joy, freedom and confidence on stage. That’s why I coach privately and offer workshops in performance, songwriting, and managing the business of music while living a full and fulfilling life. To claim that joy and freedom for yourself, contact me at, and we’ll create a coaching series that works for you.

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“There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is, nor how valuable it is, nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open.”

– Martha Graham to Agnes DeMille –

The Birthday Gift

It’s amazing how something so all-consuming will eventually fade into the background. I think it was when I was first able to tie my own shoes again. I think that’s when I knew the story of this last 7 weeks was ceasing to define me, and this whole adventure was on it’s way to being a memory.

Then last Thursday (with Brooks neatly tied) I picked up my full-size Taylor for a vocal rehearsal. Bigger and heavier than the GS mini I’d been noodling with from my chair for the last week or so. Peter was laying down a rich bed on the keys, Linda Waverka, Marion Halliday and Lisa Jeannette were creating beautiful harmony, and before I stopped to think, Continue reading

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

…and when it’s all over, I get to sing with you and play for you again!!

The last month for me has been challenging and enlightening in ways I hadn’t expected.  In mid-February, I stepped away from my everyday routine to have that “wee bit of back surgery”. All went well. They took a few things out, put a few things in, sewed me back up and sent me home a few days later. And from here forward I’ll set off the metal detector every time I pass through.

Can’t wait to raise my voice with you again!

Three days in the hospital were a blur of sleeping, waking, rolling over (which took a good 5 minutes and intense mental effort each time) and sipping water through a straw. I was very dehydrated, and I remember trying at one point to eat a graham cracker…not a good idea when one has absolutely no saliva. Continue reading

The Video is Here: “Sing Louder – Raising Our Voices Together”

SING LOUDER Featured in Philadelphia Weekly

Visionary Folk Artist Meghan Cary’s New Album SING LOUDER Lands In Top 25 Charts For Second Consecutive Month

Jan 22, 2018

After debuting at the #6 spot in November, acclaimed singer/songwriter Meghan Cary’s latest album Sing Louder continues to make waves at radio as it, once again, finds itself in the Top 25 of the US / International Folk DJ Radio Charts in the month of December.

Her first official foray into the Folk DJ music scene, despite making music for almost 20 years, Cary is grateful for the support she’s received for the album – especially throughout the month of December when most DJs are playing more “traditional” holiday songs.

“Songs like ‘Sing Louder’ and ‘Responsibility’ – songs celebrating community and social conscience –  might not be considered ‘go to’ songs for December, but I thought the folk DJ community would make the connection, and they did. I think at the holidays people are especially receptive to the idea of coming together and reaching out to help others less fortunate. I wanted the songs on SING LOUDER to put that idea front and center for them,” said Cary.

Those quick to embrace this concept throughout December include such radio stalwarts as: Acoustic Peace Club Playlist with Jeanne Holton on WMNF, An American Sampler with John Sillberg on CKOL, Artie Martello on Mostly Folk and Power Folk,  Doug Lewis Endless Music Mix with Douglas Dick on WQCS, From The Joshua Tree Inn with Kevin Elliott on WEFT, Grassroots with Jenny Flux on 2AIR-FM, Hudson River Sampler with Wanda Fischer (WAMC, WAMK, WOSR, WCEL, WCAN, WANC, WRUN, WAMQ, WWES, WANR, WANZ), It’s for folks with Ken Nagelberg on WHYR-FM, Modern Troubadours with James Rogers on WIUP-FM, Music You Can’t Hear on the Radio with John Weingart on WPRB, New Hampshire Public Radio Folk Show with Kate McNally, Small Time Radio Show with John Sillberg on CKOL, Sunday Coffeehouse with Greg Schatzmann on CJLX, and Sunday Supper with John Platt on WFUV.

“These times require songs of compassion and commitment, and Meghan Cary has several, especially ‘Sing Louder’ and “Responsibility,’ which inspire us to reach for our higher selves. And she sings them with such infectious joy you can’t resist joining in,” said John Platt, host of “Sunday Supper” on WFUV Radio.

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SING LOUDER Debuts in Top Ten!!

Renowned Folk Artist Meghan Cary’s New Album SING LOUDER Makes Top 10 Debut With Two Songs Also Entering The Top 10 

Title Track Earns #2 Spot As “Responsibility” Grabs The #6 Position and Album Enters at #6

Philadelphia, PA (December 8, 2017) – Critically-acclaimed singer/songwriter Meghan Cary is riding high off the success of her latest album Sing Louder as it makes its debuts at #6 on the US / International Folk DJ Radio Charts. The title track charted amazingly well at #2 and the follow up single “Responsibility” nabbed the #6 spot.

Although Cary has been making music for almost 20 years, this is her first foray into the Folk DJ music scene and she’s grateful to have been so warmly received.

Cary attributes the majority of her success to the early support she received from such radio stalwarts as: CKOL, KGLP, WCOM WFDU WFMT WFMU WFUV, WIOX, WMSC, WRFK, WTBQ, WUSD, and internet broadcast programs “Mostly Folk” and “Radio Nowhere”, who not only played her singles but also welcomed her as a guest on their shows.

In fact, SING LOUDER was so well received at radio that Rich Warren of WFMT named it as “CD of the Week” and Joe Pszonek or WMSC, “Radio Nowhere” and ”Finnigan’s Wake” said “Meghan Cary’s passionate, message driven songs are both entertaining and instructive! It’s just what the world needs right now and I, for one, am glad that she has chosen to share this new CD with us!”.

Cary was also a featured performer at this year’s NERFA (Northeast Regional Folk Alliance), where she had the opportunity to perform songs from SING LOUDER live for DJs, artists, industry executives and key influencers at a coveted juried showcase.

“Our official showcase at NERFA was great, but the best part was really the late-night informal showcases we were invited to play in different rooms all over the hotel. Everywhere we went, a crowd of folks showed up to listen, and sing along,” said Cary. “There’s nothing like a room full of strangers raising their voices together on your songs. They stop being strangers pretty quickly!”

Cary felt so passionately about creating a sense of community among her fans, and capturing the energy of united voices, that she gathered 48 music lovers in the studio to weave their voices with her own on two tracks, “Sing Louder” and “Responsibility”. The result is two powerful, yet brilliantly poignant, songs that have gripped the ears and hearts of all those that have listened.


Review: Indie Lover Magazine

Indie Lover Magazine

Music Artist Meghan Cary

 November 20, 2017|

IndieLove Magazine- Sarah Gai

I’m a fussy lover of music. NO, I really am. The amount of artists we have blaring in the office everyday. Then….I hear it. That song that hits me in the stomach, and I just know I have to write about the singer or songwriter that caught and captured my attention! To scream it from the rooftops that this person or band is truly worth listening to. Well, that’s exactly what i’m going to scream right now!!!

Meet Meghan Cary, a successful musician for more than twenty years, with numerous awards behind her, has just released her latest album this year. Sing Louder is  a diverse album, and I think that there is at least one song on there that will resonate with your soul. For me, it had to be Responsibility. Wow, talk about a song that hits a nerve and gets you truly thinking about your actions. Things we often turn a blind eye to, Meghan craftily brings to the forefront of your mind and makes you question your future actions. Who does that!!!

Along with my favourite song of choice are many others, such as Wind and Hello it’s me. It’s not only Meghan’s voice that lulls and haunts you with her melodic vocals. It’s the diversity with the songs, going from folksy, to country, to a little soft rock. But be prepared, these songs are deep and you will want to focus on every word that leaves her mouth.

SING LOUDER is Here…now go vote!

It’s been an incredible ride!! The making of SING LOUDER was a profound experience from start to finish. I learned about myself as an artist, about what impact I want to have on the world, and especially about how my incredible fans, friends, and family (you!) are willing to help me make it happen. When we raise our voices together we are heard.

Thanks to all who came out to pack the room with your powerful energy, raise the roof, raise a toast, and raise your voices with us this weekend. Our record release shows were wall to wall you at The Mermaid Inn in Philly Friday night, and Jamey’s House of Music in Lansdowne, PA Saturday night. You made the celebration!!



Thanks to your generous support, we’re mixing and mastering, and will soon be sharing my new record, “Sing Louder!” with you and the rest of the world!!

Inspiring people to join in, express themselves in community, speak their truth, tell their story, and make a difference. Because every voice matters!

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Singing Loud and Strong at Ladybug 2017

Last night Peter, Stacy and I stood up in front of a room of mostly new folks to perform at Ladybug Festival 2017 in Wilmington, DE. There were a few good friends and familiar faces to anchor us in the room, and I was truly grateful for their engaged, encouraging energy. The rest of the crowd didn’t know us from Adam.

A wonderful crowd of new faces and voices singing along at Ladybug 2017!

They had to decide just how far they were willing to go in connecting with me, us, the music. Continue reading