“SING LOUDER!” KICK OFF (update 1)

We’re almost a quarter of the way to our goal in just the first few days! Thank you so much for adding your voice to the movement. Please share this link: http://bit.ly/2u7FzI9 with any friends you think would enjoy the music and embrace the message. Thank you!

And “Sing Louder” They Did!

Forty-six souls gathered at MorningStar Studios on July 8th to raise their voices, and share their intentions with the world. Many of them stepped way out of their comfort zones to don headphones and sing into a mic. They held signs and shared dreams, they sang with passion, joy and abandon. The energy was indescribable, and that’s why I’m so glad we captured it on tape and on video and we’ll be sharing it with the world on the new record!!Continue reading

The Wisteria’s Growing Like a Weed

…And so are all the seeds we planted last season. Albums and festivals  and even a Broadway musical are busting out all over!

The new CD is almost wrapped, and we’re getting ready to move into the next phase of mixing, mastering and promoting. The tracks we laid back in February through June are coming together, and a record is emerging. But it won’t be complete until we’ve recorded the most important bit this Saturday – a chorus of your voices singing on the title track, “Sing Louder”. (more on that)

For those of you joining us in the studio on Saturday, thank you! Thank you for adding your voices to my music. For those of you who want to be a part of “Sing Louder” but can’t make the recording session, you can still make a huge difference by supporting our crowdfunding campaign when it launches next week. Continue reading

It’s Time to Sing Louder!

We Sang Louder!

It’s happening! We’re recording the most important part of our song, “Sing Louder”…you!!

When I wrote “Sing Louder” I had no idea what the magic ingredient would be: a cool Quint rhythm, a great Peter groove on the keys, a signature Jocko bass line, something brilliant on Stacy’s banjo, something haunting on Bob’s harp…and then you started singing along, and it was clear: the magic of this song is you! So, I want you on the record, if you please.Continue reading

May’s Inferno

Everything happens in May. I say it every year. And every year it happens again.

Green again

The flowers bloom in earnest, and without warning, the trees explode into green again. I awake one morning to the victorious song of birds bringing home early-bird worms to their newly born babes, and I wonder Continue reading

Planting Seeds

It’s a little early in the season to plant flowers and tomatoes, I’m guessing. But, I’m definitely just guessing, because I don’t know anything about gardening, really. I know about growing other things, though: songs, kids, albums, hamsters, homes…and it seems that early spring is the perfect time to sprinkle some seeds around and see what sprouts. There is promise in the air on a sunny April day.

As I sit and listen to the tracks we’ve recorded so far over the short days and long nights of winter, I can hear a whisper of what’s to come when we put it all together to be the new CD, and it’s really exciting. Exhilarating actually. And also scary…what if I screw it up!?! Continue reading

Music Making Mom

I inhabit two entirely different worlds in a given week…or day…or hour. Being a musician and a mom of two kids in elementary school is a balancing act. And lately, I’ve been keenly aware of how important that balance is to my life.

Subway Surfers

Its no surprise that trying to figure out the business of music can sometimes  be pretty anxiety-provoking. How to afford to record, if and how to sell physical albums, and (most important for me) how to get the music out there (live or digitally) so folks fall in love with and want to connect to and be a part of the music; all these things are part of my day to day “day job”.  And then, for me anyway, there is the pressure of the creative side of it all. Yes, even that can be less than peaceful at times. I can definitely suffer from writer’s block, lack of inspiration, over self-editing or just plain self-doubt.Continue reading

“Drive” (part 2)

I pulled up to the Movie Manor in Monte Vista, CO, and was surprised to see that it was a Best Western. I’d imagined it a mom and pop establishment handed down from the booming days of drive-in movies. I’d expected something a little funky, a little broken down, but clean and well run. I pulled up to a long low line of beige cookie cutter rooms running the length of a parking lot. I parked my car in the empty lot, and walked into the office. Hmmm…my car. Yes, I guess it had come to feel like my car not long after I crossed the Mississippi.

I requested a room near the gym because I figured it might be nice to get some blood flowing after the full day of driving. My room, therefore, was all the way down the row of rooms. Second to last door next to the room with the treadmill and solitary stationary bike – the “gym” – at the very end. I slid my key into the lock and immediately the hair stood up on the back of my neck. I looked back over my shoulder across the empty parking lot. The pavement ended in darkness, but I knew what lie beyond. Nothing. Miles and miles of nothing. It was the emptiness that lifted the goose flesh on my arms. I thought.Continue reading

“Drive” (part one)

I’ve never believed in the myth of the “starving artist”, never bought into the need to starve in pursuit of my dreams. I have and intend always to thrive doing what I love. Nonetheless, there came a day while I was living at 106 Cabrini Blvd in Washington Heights, that I was down to my last $5. Starvation was not looming, but thinking outside the box was definitely required. So, as any self-respecting actor/singer/songwriter would do in the face of such a dilemma…I improvised.

I’d heard about this thing called “driveaway”, and it sounded like the perfect solution. I sublet my apartment, borrowed enough money to catch the NJTA/SEPTA train to Philadelphia, and embarked on my survival adventure.

Driveaway is a service that helps out people relocating cross-country who don’t feel like driving their car all the way to their new home, by finding other people willing to drive their

car across the country for them…for a little cash. Enter the artist who doesn’t believe in starving. When I arrived at their office door, the good folks at driveaway handed me an address,  a check for expenses plus, and the keys to a blue Ford Taurus. I had 3 weeks to get the sedan across the country to Tuscon Arizona. The rest was up to me.

I pointed her headlights West and made my first stop at my parent’s house in Hershey where I would plan the rest of my route. Next stop Ohio to visit dear friend and former roomie from Duke, Dawnie. I carried on hopping from relative to friend to relative all the way to Wichita, Kansas where I spent a few days visiting my farthest flung sibling, big brother, Brian. After Wichita my dance card was empty – my sphere of friends and family extended no farther West. It was time for the solo adventure to begin.

I pulled out of Brian’s driveway on a Tuesday before the sun had crept into the sky. As I drove into the darkness it finally hit me. The punch landed as a question: What am I doing!? Am I running away from NYC and my dreams of making a big career on the stage? Am I running toward a new adventure to fuel my newly discovered passion for songwriting? What am I hoping to find? Am I trying to escape? Escape what? My thoughts echoed in the silent car.

I drove West on Route 50 with the sun rising in my rear view. I had never and still haven’t seen anything like the nothingness that is the horizon when you drive due West out of Kansas. The open space and lack of…anything…to use as a reference point is unsettling. The Taurus wheels whined against the pavement. My thoughts fell into the rhythm of the road.

I drove all day and it wasn’t until the sun started creeping down my windshield that the vague outline of the Rockies grew into view. I thought it was my tired eyes, but the outline grew sharper as I drove. By the time the sun sank over it, the horizon was a mountain silhouette. I pulled into Monte Vista, CO too late for a decent dinner, so I headed straight for the Movie Manor, my chosen hotel for the night. My first solo stop along the road.

And it was a doozy…. (to be continued)