Meet the Gypsies

Peter Farrell (Keys and Vocals)

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Jocko MacNelly (Bass)

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Quint Lange (Drums)

From Key West to Maine, St. Bart’s to Turks and Caicos, and the US Virgin Islands, Quint has been playing drums and percussion for the past 40 years. A charter member of legendary Keys band, ¨The Survivors”, Quint and his bandmates rocked the town through the 80’s and 90’s, with their eclectic blend of original as well as traditional Caribbean dance music infused with a rock and  jazz sensibility. Wailer’s keyboardist, Tyrone Downie, described their music as “roots Weather Report”. Quint’s rhythmic curiosity led him to study with and ultimately teach and perform with master Nigerian drummer, Babatunde Olatunji. His abiding interest in Caribbean, and particularly Afro-Cuban percussion added more spice to his ever-expanding musical experience. Arriving in Philadelphia in 2003 Quint was gifted to become an integral part of “La Tumba”, a percussion based jazz septet consisting of local luminaries Robert Kenyatta, Jerome Williams, DM Hotep (from the Sun Ra Arkestra), Elliot Levin, Bert Harris, and Jocko MacNelly.

One day back in 2011, Jocko called: “I’m involved with new band and they need a drummer, wanna play?” Quint said, “Sure”, and Analog Gypsies came to be.

Stacy Weathers (Banjo and Vocals)

Inspired by a wandering banjo player in the early hours of the morning at her first Philadelphia Folk Festival when she was 16, Stacy decided that one day she too would play lonesome banjo tunes under the night sky. Since then, Stacy has been exploring both clawhammer and finger picking techniques on the banjo.  She began developing her unique style playing in the Philadelphia old-time, bluegrass and folk communities, and added to her musical arsenal while travelling in Europe, the Middle East, and Central America.  Stacy’s approach to the instrument reflects this wide variety of genres and influences.  

 In addition to performing with Meghan Cary with Analog Gypsies, Stacy currently plays with Sarah and the Arrows, Kicking Down Doors, The Spiritual Window Shoppers, and Jay Popky and Will Paynter.  Her past musical projects include the traditional folk music band Cruel Sister, leading songs at children’s religious services, session work with local singer songwriters, and playing in the neo-traditional old time band, Stolen Thyme. When not making music, Stacy is a teacher, writer, and parent who enjoys immersing her children in the music festival culture.

Bob Beach (Harmonica and Flute)

Bob Beach’s career has spanned more than 40 years. While his roots are in blues, rock and folk, Bob’s innate feel for the music transcends genre, and can be integrated into everything from hip hop to bluegrass to kids’ cabaret and more. This has been accomplished both in the studio and at live performances. In addition to masterful harmonica, Bob’s skills include strong percussive flute work, and soulful vocals. Bob currently performs with David Jacobs-Strain, The Melton Brothers, The Cat’s Pajamas, Meghan Cary, Philadelphia Jug Band, and the Manatawny Creek Ramblers. He also co-fronts the Theologicals, and leads the Bob Beach Trio.

About Meghan Cary and Analog Gypsies

Winning over audiences from the fields of Philly Folk Fest to NYC’s infamous Bleecker Street, Meghan Cary with Analog Gypsies is equal parts folk, rock, gypsy jazz and jam band playing award-winning original tunes ranging from lean-in-and-listen ballads to get-up-and-shake-your-booty jams. At the core of the band are Meghan Cary and Peter Farrell. The Keyboard and guitar duo lays down a big musical footprint with cool grooves and tight vocal harmonies. Add to that the unique bass musings of Jocko MacNelly, the rhythmic melodies of drummer Quint Lange, the not-your-typical-bluegrass banjo playing and vocal harmony of Stacy Weathers, and the soulful and rhythmic harp and flute lines of Bob Beach, and you have the Meghan Cary with Analog Gypsies experience: an evening of great tunes, fun stories, singing in your seat, and dancing in the aisles. As one critic exclaims: "You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll beg for more!" (Critic's Pick - The News and Observer)