On the Way to the Waterfall

“In the words of John Lennon: ‘Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.’ So when the path you’re traveling is obliterated by some unforeseen disaster, is it tragedy? Or is the repeated reinventing of oneself what life is all about? Follow Meghan as she winds her way from the life she knew she’d live to the life she’s come to know…on the way to the waterfall.”

For the last month or so, I’ve been diving back into the early part of my story to prepare for the NY debut of my one-woman play, “On the Way to the Waterfall”, in Sea Cliff on Long Island. It’s been an intense ride. Going back to where the music began – where it grew out of the grief that might have swallowed me up. It’s sometimes tough to take myself back there, but most of the time it’s the joy, love, and humor in the journey that resonates and sticks with me. I am so grateful for the alchemy of music in my life. Because Matthew was right: Angels are messengers. They come to bring us something, and then they leave. They have to leave. But the message is ours.

Thank you for the music, Bear.