In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

…and when it’s all over, I get to sing with you and play for you again!!

The last month for me has been challenging and enlightening in ways I hadn’t expected.  In mid-February, I stepped away from my everyday routine to have that “wee bit of back surgery”. All went well. They took a few things out, put a few things in, sewed me back up and sent me home a few days later. And from here forward I’ll set off the metal detector every time I pass through.

Can’t wait to raise my voice with you again!

Three days in the hospital were a blur of sleeping, waking, rolling over (which took a good 5 minutes and intense mental effort each time) and sipping water through a straw. I was very dehydrated, and I remember trying at one point to eat a graham cracker…not a good idea when one has absolutely no saliva. Continue reading