Duct Tape

Duct tape is magic…you can use it to stick anything, fix anything, or make anything. I think our voices are the duck tape we carry around with us wherever we go. We can use them to mend an emotional fence, build a social bridge, and of course, make music. All kinds of music.

Quinn used his voice to teach one of his classmates how to make music with just one word and a rhythm. I think it’s brilliant!

Planting Seeds

It’s a little early in the season to plant flowers and tomatoes, I’m guessing. But, I’m definitely just guessing, because I don’t know anything about gardening, really. I know about growing other things, though: songs, kids, albums, hamsters, homes…and it seems that early spring is the perfect time to sprinkle some seeds around and see what sprouts. There is promise in the air on a sunny April day.

As I sit and listen to the tracks we’ve recorded so far over the short days and long nights of winter, I can hear a whisper of what’s to come when we put it all together to be the new CD, and it’s really exciting. Exhilarating actually. And also scary…what if I screw it up!?! Continue reading