Music Making Mom

I inhabit two entirely different worlds in a given week…or day…or hour. Being a musician and a mom of two kids in elementary school is a balancing act. And lately, I’ve been keenly aware of how important that balance is to my life.

Subway Surfers

Its no surprise that trying to figure out the business of music can sometimes  be pretty anxiety-provoking. How to afford to record, if and how to sell physical albums, and (most important for me) how to get the music out there (live or digitally) so folks fall in love with and want to connect to and be a part of the music; all these things are part of my day to day “day job”.  And then, for me anyway, there is the pressure of the creative side of it all. Yes, even that can be less than peaceful at times. I can definitely suffer from writer’s block, lack of inspiration, over self-editing or just plain self-doubt.Continue reading