We had Bob Beach at MorningStar last weekend to record harp and flute on a bunch of tunes...what a great afternoon. I swear, half the joy of making a record is hanging with this incredible cast of characters bringing their talents to my tunes. Who am I kidding? 99% of the joy. I was wearing my producer's hat all afternoon - didn't sing or play a note - but the familiar thrill of harmony meeting melody and rhythm running through it all filled the afternoon. Today we're back at it with string-man Larry Feldman here in our home studio making up all sorts of magic on guitar, violin, slide, mandolin and about 4 other instruments I have no idea what they are.

Mom asked me today, "When will you be done with this record, Meg?" What? Does it have to end?

The only thing drawing me to the barn is the desire to share all of these songs with you. So we will finish. And we won't dally. But we will enjoy every second along the way!!


These are songs of hope and empowerment. They are songs of love, not hate. They are songs of moving through, not digging in. They are songs of standing strong, not falling back on blame. These are songs of coming together, not pushing apart. These are songs of taking responsibility for my actions...or inaction. They are songs of letting go of what I can't change so I can fiercely face what I can. These songs are my story set to music. These are my songs to make a difference.

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