Fiddle, mando, harp, flute, banjo, acoustic guitar, vocal harmonies...check. Sounds like a campfire jam to me. This MUST be a folk record. Okay, so there are some drums, electric bass, and killer keyboard parts on their too. Well, folk just plugged in, turned up, and grew a pair!

Come "Sing Louder"

with Me!

It's happening! We're recording the most important part of our song, "Sing Louder"!!

When I wrote "Sing Louder", I had no idea what the magic ingredient would be: a cool Quint rhythm, a great Peter groove on the keys, a signature Jocko bass line, something brilliant on Stacy's banjo, something haunting on Bob's harp...and then you started singing along, and it was clear: the magic of this song is you! So, I want you on the record, if you please.

We will be gathering at MorningStar Studios sometime in late June or early July to record you raising your voices together. If you would like to join us in the studio to add your voice to this song you brought to life, please shoot me an email at, and we'll make it happen. Please use the subject "I want to Sing Louder with you", and include in the email what your best time frames are in late June/early July:

weekend mornings/afternoons
weekend evenings
weekday mornings/afternoons
weekday evenings

I will try to accommodate as many voices as I can!

If you can't make it into the studio, you can still raise your voice with us. I'll post more info on how you can send me an mp3 of you singing along that we can include in our community recording. Wow. Even when we're miles apart, our voices raised together can resonate and be amplified!! #Singlouder


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