The passionate voice of Melissa Etheridge
singing the stories of Bruce Springsteen to a Paul Simon groove.

Happy 2014! As we head into the new year, we’re psyched to be adding new songs and sounds to our musical adventure. We love having Jocko MacNelly (a.k.a. “Mandoboy”) joining us on mandolin, and Stacy Weathers adding banjo and sweet harmonies on more and more tunes. Peter Farrell has picked up the ukelele and the accordion, as well as trading in his alto sax for a tenor – we have yet to figure out how he can play uke, accordion, sax and, of course, keys all at the same time…but we won’t stop trying!

Plans for the new year: a music video of “Zero MPH”, a finished recording of “Little Girls”,  more cover gigs (because we have a blast blast when you all dance and sing along!), and of course, writing the next record. We’ll certainly be doing Falcon Ridge, Philly Folk, Spring Gulch and all the otehr fabulous festivals again this year too. Oh, and I’ll be squeezing in another production of the play I’m writing as well as a run of the play “Hinckley” (wherein I get to play, among other amazing ladies, Jodie Foster!) at the New City here in Philly this Spring.

Watch out 2014….here we come!!

I wrote this song about my amazing daughter, Clara. Here’s a video from our first live performance of “Little Girls” at the Tin Angel last year – with a little bit of Clara magic added in!

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Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you somewhere along the road!